Sometimes a dream turns into a dream.

I walk through tunnels, deep underground. Man-made, by the looks of it. There is something here, something evil, stalking me, watching my every move.

A loner longing for

Chills run down my back as I look back to see whatever’s there. Nothing. Something. I can't see it, it's too well hidden. It lies in wait, waiting for me to fall, to fail.

The cadence of her last breath.

I recognize these tunnels now, they aren't tunnels at all, but halls, old wood surrounding me, a place where I once felt safe. No more. Evil lies here, a horrible presence that thirsts for my blood.

Breathtaking butterfly

I run. It's all I can do, run. These halls are the halls of my old school, I know them well. I hope to throw of my stalker, but these halls don't remember me, refuse to lead me to safety. She's following me.

Chose a dark day to live

She's following me. A menace from my past, evil and crazy, she'd always been horrible to me, throwing me down stairs and other modes of torture. She got a thrill out of it. I recognize her breath. It used to sound in my ear like drums as she had me against the wall, threatening me. She hated me.

Save one breath for me!

These halls lead me in circles, nowhere, nowhere. I cannot get out. I cannot escape. Drums, drums deep in the shadows behind me, or is that my heart, or hers? I run.

A loner longing for

Dead end. I run to the wall, back against it, ready for the attack. My breath comes in gasps. She's coming. I cannot get out. She is coming.

The cadence of her last breath

My breath comes in gasps. I see her figure approaching, sauntering toward me. She knows she has won.

Save one death for me!

But I have one last push left, and I charge, much to her surprise. I come out from the shadows with a scream on my voice. "DEATH!" I hear a voice calling, much as in a favorite movie of mine. She pulls her weapon.

The cadence of her last breath

"Well, guess you finally got some balls. A bit too late," she says as she aims her weapon. I realize it's quiet now. All I can hear is my breath and hers. I realize, now, who was screaming "death." I got my wish.

Sometimes a dream turns into a dream.


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