Come with me
Modern day Romeo
Show me the world

Walk with me
Nihon no Romeo
Take me to your land

Fight with me
Ninja Romeo
Show me what you're all about

Take my hand
Beautiful Romeo
Show me your stars

Take me home
My Romeo
From this frozen world

Okay, weird poem that showed up in TRIG.. The were watching the LeoDeCaprio version of R&J in the class next door and we were talkign about it.. strange poem ensued.. It's KuroFai :D if the Japanese bit and the bit about ninjas and frozen worlds didnt tell you :D 


It's weird.. sorry
foreverphoenix: (cutsey AWWW! Fai)
Sad, isnt it.. when I first got LJ, I thought 15 icons would be enough, but no. Having put my last icon, the cutsey!Fai by WEEKENDER that you see on this post, into my userpics, I now realize there will never be enough room for all the user pics. I'm afraid my commas icons may have to leave now. :( Bastion..

But, yeah, that was all this was about, my new cute!Fai going AWW!.

And on a related note, has anyone run across a nosebleeding Fai?
Take me with you
Far away
Somewhere safe

Take me away
Where nobody can find us
Where nobody can hurt us

Take me with you
Anywhere you are
I want you
I’m waiting for you
To take me away

As long as I’m with you
I’ll go anywhere
So long as you’re there
Just take me with you

Take me away
To a far country
To a distant ocean
To your front porch
To my back yard

Anywhere is heaven
As long as
You take me there

[Okay, so, my friend's there writing and I'm done with my "Peacock" chapter and I am SO bored, so I pick up my pencil and just write the words "Take me with you" intending to also write "tsurette itte" which I have been doing quite a bit lately. Then I think of Fai's reaction to the song Clover sings, Kaze no Machi he, and well.. I should tell you what he said, shouldn't I? Well he was all "I understand" and Kuro-rin says something to the effect of "If she wants to go so badly, why doesnt she just go?" and Fai says something like "I'm sure you would, but me, I'm always waiting for someone to come and take me away."
So yeah.. I suppose this is Fai talking to Kuro-rin, yeah?? 
Well anyway, so ends the author's notes.]

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