Jul. 28th, 2013

Hi, I'm Nova. Let me take you on a trip through my world as a young female adult, okay?

When I wake up in the morning, it's a rather arduous process. There's not much to do in Charleston--and that's where I live, at least the general area: Charleston, WV--that doesn't require lots of money or lots of people. Or drugs, but let's not go into that, shall we? So, I'm rather a homebody, because of this lack of anything to do that I have the resources for. The only time I go out is when I really need to, or when I'm having a good day and have a lot of ridiculous, aimless energy. Or if I'm working.

Today was one of those good days, and I also needed to get gas and get something to eat. I put on a nice little dress because hey, it's summer and it's hot. I wore a bra because I didn't want my nipples poking through. Now, see, usually that would be okay, but my bra straps showed and I have cleavage due to this one and the low-cut dress, so, clearly, I'm a slut.

Yeah, you read that right. Due to what I'm wearing, I'm a slut. I want a man to introduce his dick to my vagina (yeah, I said it, deal with it).

This dress comes above my knees and is flowey, the wind catching it and lifting it just a little. Oh, clearly, because of this, I want it.

My legs are bare, but mostly shaven, and I'm wearing flips. And when the wind catches my dress, I bunch it in my hand to hold it down while I pump gas, and lean against the car. I'm a tease

Oh, and it's not just when I'm wearing a barely-revealing dress, either. If I wear baggy clothes, I'm a "dyke," and clearly I need a man to show me what good a dick is and set me 'straight,' pun intended, even if I've never been gay in the first place and I'm just wearing loose, baggy clothing because it's comfortable and I'm tired.

By having a vagina, I clearly am asking for a man to violently introduce his dick to said vagina. And it's not just here in WV. It's everywhere. This is what women have to deal with every day. The fact that I have the mindset of "Oh, it's been a good day. I wasn't raped and wasn't harassed too much today" is a sad fact, but it is a fact. I consider myself lucky to make it home without having some guy grab me or pin me to something or decide that oh, that's a vagina, let me stick my dick in it. I consider it a good day if no one cat-called or made lewd comments or asked how much I'm "selling my body" for.

Why do women have to put up with this? Why is it that because I have a vagina, I'm a slut, no ifs ands or buts about it. Though, of course, if I try to not show too much skin, I'm a prude or a dyke and also am "asking" to be raped. Because I need to 'loosen up.' A woman shouldn't have to go through her closet and judge the "rape-asking factor" (as I call it) of each item of clothing and throw out anything that shows too much skin or is too clingy or is too baggy or--wait. That's pretty much every item of clothing that's made for a woman. So what are women supposed to wear? We can't wear full-body cat suits because that shows too many curves! We're "asking for it!" We can't wear baggy clothes because then we're 'dykes' and "asking for it!" We can't wear clothes that fit on a medium scale because those show that we have breasts, so we're "asking for it!"

Men, grow up. Just because a woman has a vagina and breasts does not mean you're entitled to stick your dick in it. I'm sick of being afraid to walk outside, afraid to stand in a line, afraid to be in a crowd, because a man inevitably thinks I'm asking for it.

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